Oliveex provides an integrated monitoring and alerting solution for wet food storage & fermented foods industry.

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Oliveex IoT Platform

Knowing the difficulties on quality control during wet stored and fermented food production we decided to engineer a solution that will simplify the sampling process for quality control, will maximize precision and efficiency and will provide our customers with the ability to monitor their products remotely, without needing complex systems and cabling all over the industry facilities. Oliveex IoT Platform is a high-end technological solution that upgrades food storage safety, fermented foods quality control and eliminates food waste, caused by non-efficient storage.


IOT-enabled, ultra-low power devices, using state-of-the-art sensing units, fully-wireless and plug-n-play. 24/7 attached at the storage tanks or storage rooms, collecting product data. Modular and customizable based on the product needs.

Cloud service

Data is pushed to our cloud service in real time, stored and analyzed. Fermentation stage is being defined, followed by possible threat predictions and suggestions on corrective actions that have to be taken to ensure the best-possible product quality.

Web Application

Real-time monitoring & alerting. Data analytics & customizable reports. Fermentation timeline reports and corrective action suggestions. Accessible anytime, anywhere, provides customers with the ability to monitor their complete production process remotely.


Cold Rooms & Industrial Fridges

An easy-to-use integrated solution that ensures the efficient monitoring and alerting of your storage rooms. No cables. No power and internet requirements.

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Wet Food Storage,
Fermentation & Maturation

Using state-of-the-art and cloud-connected biometric sensing units, we are simplifying the time consuming process of storage monitoring and quality control, minimizing human errors and optimizing precision.

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