Your needs cannot be covered by a commercial product?

Use our Industrial-Internet-of-Things platform with taylor-made IoT devices based on your needs. Our R&D team can provide custom-made IIoT solutions for every use case, working either on liquid or air environments monitoring. Due to our modular design our devices can be integrated with most of the widely used sensors, either for liquid or air use. Features like Plug-N-Play, wireless design and 10-years of battery lifetime are always included.

Modular sensing units

Configurable sensing interface based on your needs.

Custom configuration

Configurable notifications & Data Analytics mechanisms.


A fully-featured IoT dashboard

Easy-to-use and accesible from every device, provides all the needed functionalities to drive your digital transformation.

Real-time, remote monitoring

Notifications & Alerts

AI-Enabled data analytics

Digital traceability features


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