Multi-purpose IoT devices.

Using our multi-purpose devices, users can perform monitoring in every possible environment, tracking metrics like temperature, humidity and CO2. In addition to production and fermentation monitoring, our devices are able to ensure optimal storage conditions in industrial cold rooms or fridges, cellars, or even in a malt house. Plug-N-Play features and wireless design including 10+ years of battery-operated lifetime are also provided exactly as they are on our high-end models.

High-precision sensors

Monitor precisely temperature, humidity & CO2. Industry-ready, food-grade with minimum requirements.

Notifications & Data Analytics

24/7 configurable notifications via email & SMS. Data analytics and AI-enabled features.


A fully-featured IoT dashboard

Easy-to-use and accesible from every device, provides all the needed functionalities to drive your digital transformation.

Real-time, remote monitoring

Notifications & Alerts

AI-Enabled data analytics

Digital traceability features


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