Get introduced to Industry 4.0 without requirements.

Our Industrial-Internet-of-Things platform offers the needed digital transformation and introduces remote quality control, using IoT devices that are 24/7 attached and collecting data. Producers are able to improve precision by using data, while also replacing manual quality control processes (e.g. sampling and lab analysis) to cut costs. We provide real-time analysis by monitoring the chemical state of the product and also the different gas concentrations and use them for actionable, real-time, predictive analytics.

Autonomous & Plug-N-Play

Wireless, Battery-operated, Modular mounting

To be ready for every industrial environment, we provide battery-powered devices that do not require internet connectivity, since they create their own Low Power Wide Area Network on-site. Their Plug-N-Play mounting kit allows an effortless, 5-min DIY installation.


Precise & Reliable over time

Our solution has been industrially deployed and beta tested in industrial environments for over 12 months. The devices has achieved a sensing accuracy to the third decimal digit in comparison with much more expensive laboratory equipment.

Sensing capability

pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Pressure, ORP, Density, Temperature

Our devices provide sensing capability that meets the standards of every well-equiped industry. All those metrics can be retrofit in every production tank to provide 24/7 lab-grade chemical analysis.

Industry-ready & Secure.

Our devices use food-grade sensors equipped with NSF/ANSI 51 food standards and CE & RoHS certifications.

Extensive or complex maintanance is not required. Just plug your devices and keep using your existing Clean-In-Place system.

Meeting the Industry 4.0 standards both in physical installment and data privacy. Our Internet-of-Things network includes multiple-layer end-to-end encryption and is built using top-tier cloud providers, to ensure the security of your data.

A fully-featured IoT dashboard

Easy-to-use and accesible from every device, provides all the needed functionalities to drive your digital transformation.

Real-time, remote monitoring

Notifications & Alerts

AI-Enabled data analytics

Digital traceability features


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