Sensing methods that go beyond the current state-of-the-art.

We focus on being precise, contactless and collect data from the whole product’s chemical stages. Processing is thus transferred to the cloud allowing for low-cost, ultra-low power & wireless sensing devices. Our integrated IoT platform provides wireless sensing devices with proven precision and 5+ years of battery-operated reliability. We allow producers to focus on data, rather than schedules, using data analytics based on batch history, self-learning algorithms, fermentation models, food safety modules, and immutable records of production conditions. All these features will allow us to provide a data-driven solution that will surpass state-of-the-art and support the digital transformation in food & beverage processing.

Data exploitation

Using data to implement fermentation models, predictive analytics and also for future blockchain-enabled traceability features. Data visualization and data analytics are also available via an end-user web application.

Simplify quality control

Sensing devices 24/7 attached to the tanks collecting product data and eliminating sampling. Real-time monitoring with data visualization including historical data analytics. Real-time alerting and remote process control.


An IoT-Enabled digital transformation.

Starting from the alcoholic fermentation and overseeing fermented foods in general we are applying technology to reduce costs & required working hours. Allowing you to improve precision & simplicity, by taking advantage of your own data using the Internet-of-Things technology.

Oliveex’s data-focused platform

Introducing food producers to Industry 4.0. We are not providing standalone sensors for specific metrics but an all-in-one integrated platform that will combine different metrics to export complex chemical data, use them to provide actionable predictions, and also utilize them for remote machinery process control that will allow for in-time corrective actions.


Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring & alerting available with a few clicks improving the way that you supervise your products.

Data Analytics

Using data analytics to improve precision and optimize quality control.


Get advantage of your own production data to make your product traceable.

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